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High-speed steel hole opener

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There is no burr in the hole, and the hole is drilled many times, and the hole is still intact;
Strong cutting ability, sharp and durable, adopting forward and backward inclined tooth profile is more suitable for cutting metal plates;

When drilling, the center drill penetrates the material to be processed first, as the axis, the drilling is more stable; the triangular anti-skid blasting prevents slipping during the drilling, suitable for hand electric drills/bench drills/magnetic drills and other equipment;

2. Matters needing attention: When you first start drilling, the hole opener should slowly touch the object being drilled, and cannot hit the workpiece. The speed should be low (the larger the hole opener, the lower the speed). If possible, add coolant or water. Please pay attention to slow down the feed speed when you are about to drill through.


1. This hole opener has a positioning center station, which needs to be installed and tightened manually.
2. When opening holes, the center drill is used to cut first, and the cutter head starts to work after it is in place. The central station plays a role in positioning.
3. Please select a lower speed for continuous cutting.
4. In order to prevent chipping, please don’t let the blade of the hole opener and the cutting material immediately violently collide.
5. It is necessary to add water or coolant to cool down, otherwise there is a risk of burning the drill bit
6. If abnormal vibration or noise occurs during cutting, please reduce the spindle speed and cutting feed rate until the situation improves.
7. Earplugs should be plugged in during long-term operation, as well as the influence of noise.
8. After long-term operation, the hole opener is in a hot state, and care should be taken to avoid burning the skin when replacing it.
9. After use, apply anti-rust oil for longer service life. , Be careful not to burn your skin when replacing it.
10. The operator should wear protective glasses to protect the eyes. When working face up, you need to wear a protective mask.

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