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Mid-range extended alloy hole opener

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Effective working length of 25MM, it can process thick steel plates and perforate curved surface materials such as thick-walled metal pipes. When cutting chilled materials, the temperature of the cutting edge should be filled with coolant.

The cutting edge is formed at one time by a fully automatic CNC grinder. It has high precision, the alloy cutting edge is not easy to fall off, the cutting edge is sharp, the cutting is light, the edge of the hole is free of burrs, smooth, and not concave.

The hole opener is made of cemented carbide, the design is novel, reasonable, and the lengthened type

It can be clamped on jackhammers, bench drills or other machines. The drilling is light and fast, and the drilling is stable and labor-saving.

The diameter of the drilled hole is smooth and correct, and it can be used for metal drilling of thick cast iron, thick steel plate, thin stainless steel, thick non-standard iron, etc.

Suitable for drilling various metal plates such as stainless steel plate, section steel, castings, aluminum alloy, iron plate, stainless steel, etc.

Can be installed on three-jaw chuck equipment such as electric drills, aircraft drills, bench drills, etc.

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1. Check the integrity of the hole drill before use.
2. The three sides of the corresponding handle should be clamped when the hole drill is installed in the electric drill.
3. Keep the verticality of the hole drill and the workpiece when drilling the hole.
4. Use a small feed force when starting drilling, and use a medium feed force after positioning.
5. During drilling operation, the speed should not be too low to avoid jamming of the knife edge and causing tool collapse.
6. When the center drill drills through the workpiece, the force should not be too large to avoid violent collision between the blade and the workpiece.
7. After the hole drill drills through the workpiece, the hole drill should be withdrawn from the workpiece while the hole drill is rotating.
8. When continuously drilling holes, use cutting fluid to cool the cutting edge.

Installation procedure of hole opener



Install the center drill into the extension rod



Insert the center drill to the bottom



Put screws into the connecting rod.



Tighten the set screw with a wrench



Put the hole opener into the connecting rod



Tighten the hole opener and extension rod


Three groups of different blades are designed in layers, and the cutting resistance is small

Chip removal is smoother, cutting is stable, and drilling is smooth

It is widely used

For stainless steel, I-beam, bridge, Tong, aluminum alloy

Iron, glass fiber reinforced plastic and other metals, with bench drill can open 2-25mm thickness


There are pictures, there are real fashion!

Whether the quality is good or not is up to the buyer


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