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What are the good hole saws? Classification and inventory analysis of hole saws

The hole opener (cutting) is installed on a general hand drill, which can easily open round holes, square holes, round holes, triangular holes, and parallel lines on the level of various furniture plates such as copper, iron, stainless steel, and plexiglass. Feel free to laser cut graphs. Convenience. Convenience. Safety. The main purpose is universal.
1. Carpenter hole opener.
Generally, carpenter hole saws are mounted on hand drills or bench top drill presses. Hand drills are more cost-effective, but grasping the opening angle must be more technical. Benchtop drill presses are more expensive and more standardized for drilling.
Bi-metal hole saws can also be used to open wood. It will be described in detail below.
In addition, the hole saw with large outer diameter cannot be drilled with a flashlight, which is very easy to damage the wood board and even damage the equipment. Large diameters should be applied with a desktop drilling machine or CNC engraving machine.
For example, when the lock cylinder is opened, it exceeds 350W. But if it is FRP anticorrosion or bathtub raw material, it is stronger than 600W.
2. Glass hole opener.
The glass hole saw head has a diamond on top, which is strong enough to grind through laminated glass. If it is ordinary glass, you can use a glass hole opener, but not tempered laminated glass.
In addition, the glass hole saw can also be used to grind hand beads.
It can also be used to grind bodhi roots. The sizes of the two hole openers match each other, which is outstanding! (Don’t ask me how to judge so many~ Haha)
Glass hole openers can also be used to open floor tiles. When drilling tiles with a hole saw, drill as you run water. In that way, the twist drill is damaged so fast.
3. Marble hole opener.
The basic principle is similar to laminated glass. There are diamonds on the twist head, which can open high-strength marble.
There are rumors online that glass hole saws can open marble. In fact, such expressions are not very good. Just as a wood saw cannot cut iron, an iron saw cannot cut wood.
The glass hole saw is thinner than the diamond at the head of the Yunnan marble hole saw. It is very easy to cut the edge of laminated glass with a marble hole opener, and it looks very rough. If it is difficult to punch marble with a glass hole opener, the quality is generally not enough to punch multiple holes.
4. Bi-metal hole saw.
Having said that, I was compelled to talk about alloy hole saws. There are many varieties of alloy hole saws. Today, there are thin tinplate, (suitable) thin stainless steel, (medium) stainless steel and (high-end) stainless steel (stainless steel thickness can reach more than 2cm). The use of spring steel hole saws is similar to that of alloy hole saws. The difference is that the alloy hole saw is suitable for opening holes in thick steel plates. The spring steel hole saw is suitable for opening holes in seamless steel pipes.
The alloy hole opener can open stainless steel, 20mm white iron and various stainless steel plates, and the strength is relatively high.
The bimetal hole saw is made of the world’s most professional electron beam welding, and then heat-treated at high temperature by a vacuum pump. The tooth shape is sharp and durable, the knife edge is not easy to fall off, and the reliability is high. Widely used in industrial production of steel castings, castings, vehicle aluminum, engineering project pipeline openings, stainless steel plate openings, furniture plate openings, galvanized steel pipes, fire pipes, plastics, wood, gypsum board and other openings. The most common is that customers buy stainless steel plates. But the quality varies by brand.

Post time: Mar-26-2022