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Maintenance of the hole opener.

During the daily use of the hole opener, related maintenance work is required to ensure that the hole opener can be used normally for a long time.

We need to clean the used hole opener. First, we must disassemble the hole opener, clean the inside, remove the waste left in the hole opener, and then install the hole opener. Secondly, after the installation is complete, wipe the surface clean, and finally put the hole opener in an environment suitable for storage.

After installing the hole opener on the electric drill, it can cut any surface of copper, iron, stainless steel, plexiglass and other plates, such as flat or spherical surfaces. Flexible, convenient and safe to use. The maintenance of the hole opener has the following points:

1. Choose a machine that uses high-quality hole-openers. The hole saw is an important consumable accessory of the machine. Only a good horse with a good saddle will be more conducive to the life of the hole saw.

2. For the use of cutting fluid, it must be correct, appropriate and appropriate. When drilling soft materials such as wood, plastic, gypsum board, etc., cutting fluid is generally not needed, but if cutting metals, alloys, ceramics, tiles and other hard and hot materials, you need to add cutting fluid.

3. Choosing a suitable material and choosing a hole opener suitable for cutting is the most important factor to greatly extend the service life. There is no open hole device that can meet all drilling requirements, and different forms and characteristics of saw teeth have different effects. It is necessary to choose a hole opener suitable for cutting materials and cutting, and the teeth of the hole opener Shape and tooth pitch are both very important factors.

Post time: Jun-08-2021