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Precautions for use of hole opener?

Hole openers have a wide range of uses in pipeline construction, the most important of which is for pipeline plugging construction operations. The plugging construction technology of the hole opener pipeline is suitable for the plugging of the hole opener of petroleum, petrochemical pipelines, urban gas transmission and distribution pipelines, and water supply and heating pipelines. The advantage of the hole opener in pipeline construction is to perform construction work such as adding bypasses, replacing or adding valves, and replacing pipe sections to the pipeline while ensuring the normal operation of the pipeline.

Precautions for hole opener

1. Choose the hole opener that is suitable for the material of the hole, open holes on different materials, and the saw tooth material for the hole, the number of teeth is different, we must choose the hole opener that is most suitable for our material;

2. According to the recommended tachometer of the hole opener, select the appropriate speed. Different materials, hardness and thickness have different requirements for the speed of the hole opener. The best speed requirement is obtained, and it is packaged in each hole opener. There are tachometers and manuals inside, please study them carefully and use them as required;

3. It is recommended to choose imported percussion drills and hand drills. As the saying goes: a good horse with a good saddle, high-quality hole openers and matching machines can reflect the advantages of imported tools;

4. Do a good job of safety protection. When installing and removing the hole opener, be sure to disconnect the power first. To open the hole, you must wear a protective mask or protective glasses. The staff with long hair must tie up their long hair. It is best to be equipped with a work cap.

How to choose a hole opener? I have always thought that it is a problem encountered by customers. Many customers are not very clear about the opening material, hardness and thickness of the hole opener. Therefore, when you choose to buy a hole opener, you must find the best opening that suits you. tool. , Provide customers with systematic solutions.

Post time: Jun-08-2021