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The classification of diamond drill bits according to the application details

Diamond drills can be divided into full drills and core drills. According to the tooth embedding, they can be divided into pregnant drills, surface drills, and submerged casting drills. According to materials and production methods, they can be divided into embryonic drills and steel drills. According to the raw materials of laser cutting teeth, they can be divided into Pure natural diamond (ND) drill, synthetic polycrystalline diamond (PDC) drill, thermally stable polycrystalline diamond (TSP) drill.
A diamond compact (PDC) is a unique metallurgical material that is produced at one time by synthetic diamond and cemented carbide tools at high temperatures. It not only has the advantages of high diamond strength and strong wear resistance, but also has the characteristics of strong impact resistance and large cutting head of cemented carbide tools. As the blade of the drill bit, it can further improve the working efficiency of the drill bit, and it is an ideal drill bit for drilling hard rock layers and hard rock layers. The key types of diamond composite drills produced are: diamond composite anchor drill bits, diamond composite coreless drills, diamond composite core drills, diamond composite drilling bits, and diamond composite scraper bits.
At this stage, diamond drill bits, diamond composite drill bits, and rope core drill bits cover coal fields, crude oil exploration, geological exploration, water conservancy and hydropower engineering, railway lines and roads, tunnel engineering and other fields across the country.

Post time: Apr-24-2022