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The production method of the pressure hole opener for the pipeline The advantages of the pressure hole opener

The production method of the hole saw with pressure, the advantages of the hole saw with pressure.
The production method of the pipeline hole opener is to use the three-phase communication and AC multi-thread explosion-proof system software motor as the laser cutting power device. Y-type and O-type can be sealed, acid and alkali resistance, compression resistance, high temperature resistance, open holes in the waterproof casing, installation cost management infrastructure construction, reasonably get rid of or prevent the above analysis of the current information technology defects or insufficient.
The hole saw with pressure includes motor, fixed anchor bolt, thin waterproof casing, grab rocker, push sleeve, spring plate, drill pipe, twist drill, rolling bearing, connecting waterproof casing, and motor base. The motors are coupled to the adapter sleeve according to the sequence. Extension sleeve. Push the sleeve to connect, push the sleeve to connect to the sealing sleeve, the drill rod is installed in the sealing sleeve, one end of the drill rod is connected to the motor shaft, the other end is connected to the twist drill, and the rolling bearing is installed under the sealing sleeve. The spring piece pushes itself to install the rubber glove, and the door handle can be assembled on the rubber glove.
The sealing sleeve is a hollow structure, and the drill pipe is installed in the internal structure. Push the sleeve to extend below the sealing sleeve, and the connecting sleeve is widened and fixed according to the fixed anchor bolt sleeve. A Y-shaped seal and an O-shaped seal are installed on the lower side of the sealing sleeve. The bottom is equipped with a long and thin sleeve ladder. An outer step is arranged above the push sleeve, and the outer steps cooperate with each other to lengthen the inner step at the lower end of the sleeve. The connecting sleeve and the motor are fixed with fixed anchor bolts
The features of the press hole saw are as follows:
1. The hole saw with pressure uses a three-phase multi-thread explosion-proof motor as the laser cutting power device, which is safe and explosion-proof. The working voltage of the motor is 380V, the output power is 0.55KW, and the energy consumption during operation is low;
2. The large reduction ratio reduces the speed, so that the equipment can complete the low-speed drilling, which can effectively reduce the drilling temperature, with stable characteristics and ensure safe production;
3. The new technology of Y-shaped seal and O-shaped seal is used to form the sealing method, and the product is resistant to acid and alkali, compression, high temperature, and heat resistance of 120°C;
4. The spindle of the machine tool is high-precision, and the transmission system can be determined and balanced, with no vibration, no noise, and high efficiency;
5. Easy installation and operation, energy saving and emission reduction, environmental pollution;

Post time: Apr-13-2022