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What are the precautions for the use of drill bits

Drill bit is a kind of commonly used hardware tool products. Although the size of the drill bit is relatively small, it cannot be separated from the modern industrial construction industry. The drill bit also needs to pay attention to some matters during the use process, so as to ensure that it can be used normally at the same time. , It can also ensure its safety in use. What are the precautions for the use of drill bits?

Precautions for the use of drill bits:

1. When working in different rock formations, choose different types of drill bits, axial pressure and speed according to the hardness of the lithology; working in soft rock formations, replacing the drill bit in the middle, strictly check the alloy on the back of the palm of the old drill bit and the cone If the teeth have fallen off to the bottom of the hole, if there are old drill bits in the hole, it is strictly forbidden to use a new drill bit in the original hole; when the rock has cracks or the rock cracks caused by blasting and the work in the goaf, reduce the axial pressure And speed to prevent crappy teeth.

2. When drilling rigs, they must follow the principle of matching the three elements of the drilling (wind pressure, axial pressure, and rotation speed) with the parameters recommended by the drill bit sample.

3. Please check the appearance of each part of the drill bit before going down the well, verify that the end face of the drill bit thread is consistent with the factory number on the drill bit packing box and certificate; whether there is a cutting-edge trademark mark on the surface of the drill bit tooth palm to prevent counterfeiting.

4. The drill bit should be reasonably stored on the rig to prevent dust and other debris from entering the drill bit.

5. When a new drill bit is drilled, it should be used with low axial pressure and low speed for 20-30 minutes, and then gradually increase to normal axial pressure.

6. When making a new hole with a new drill bit, pay attention to removing the debris around the hole (rocks, scrap metal, etc.), while rotating, ventilate and slow down, close to the surface, to prevent sudden drilling and impact damage to the drill bit.

7. When the drilling tool is in the hole, it is strictly prohibited to reverse to prevent the drill bit from falling into the well.

8. When the drill bit is in the hole and the air compressor suddenly stops working, the slag can easily enter the drill. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to rotate for a long time, which will cause the bearing to wear, the slag repeatedly breaks (or stuck) and accelerates the wear of the drill.

9. During normal perforation operations, the main air path of the air compressor should not have serious air leakage to ensure sufficient air volume and air pressure to extend the service life of the drill bit.

10. It is strictly forbidden to use curved drill pipes to avoid uneven force on the three palms of the drill bit and accelerate the damage of the drill bit.

11. The storage of the drill bit should be moisture-proof and ventilated. In the process of transportation, it is strictly prohibited to knock the cones and threads.

Post time: Jun-08-2021