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Bimetal Hole Opener with Round Shank and Customized Colour

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Bimetal multi-function open
Uses: steel plates, castings, aluminum materials, pipes, plastics, wood, gypsum boards, etc. for hole-opening operations
Triangular shank extension rod has a firm and reliable clamping, safe operation, electric drill chuck requirements of 10MM or above can be used


The material M42 is made of electronic welding in welding technology, and then undergoes vacuum high temperature heating. Advantages:
The teeth are sharp, the vibration is small, and the hole can be quickly balanced when opening the hole, making the operation more stable.
The depth of the hole is 0-25mm, no need to slide up and down, and it can be completed at one time
Durable, shatter-proof, the cutting edge will not fall off, the opening of the thin plate is several times more than the ordinary opener, and the opening time is short.
When opening holes, add coolant to prevent shortening the service life.

Specification 5x57MM with 12-28 bimetal hole opener
Specification 6x57MM with 30-90 bimetal hole opener
Specification 6x68MM with bimetal hole opener above 95

Range of use: 
It can be installed on ordinary hand drills, rechargeable drills, bench drills, percussion drills, flat drills, and other machines. The machine drill chuck can be used with a clamping range of 10 mm and above.

Product use:
Widely used in industrial steel casting, castings, automotive aluminum, engineering pipes, iron plate openings, furniture wood, galvanized pipes, fire-fighting pipes, plastics, various types of wood, gypsum boards and other opening operations.


This product has strong toughness, thin trajectory, and light cutting. When cutting metal or stainless steel sheet, the feed speed is extremely fast and the edges are neat. Its material is M42 that has been heat treated.

The bimetal saw band is made of electron beam welding, and then vacuum-fired. It is suitable for drilling of stainless steel, alloy low-carbon steel, plastic, wood, galvanized pipe, aluminum-plastic pipe and other materials.
Widely used in general industrial construction, electrical appliances, automobile industry, shipbuilding, aircraft manufacturing, and lead pipe industry.


tips: Metal hole opener, remember to add coolant.

1. The cutting material must be fixed and not moved. It must be at a right angle of 90 degrees to the hole. When the positioning drill is drilled through, please wait for a while, and then slowly drill the hole. During the operation, if there is an abnormality or the cutting is not ideal, please stop working and work after cutting to the bottom.

2. Please don't use too much force when up and down the screws, so as to avoid screwing the screws. If there is a shop, no responsibility will be paid. For processing thicknesses above 10MM, please remove the spring, which can be used on bench drills, magnetic drills, pistol drills, air gun drills and other drilling machines.

3. When using the hole opener, please make reasonable control, selection, comparison, tachometer and constantly add coolant from time to time to prevent the cutting edge from cracking. If it is used with a high-speed gun drill, the switch should be controlled during operation. It can be opened and closed as much as possible to reduce its rotation speed, which is widely used for drilling holes on various electric drills of bench drill presses.

4. For the iron plate with a hole of 5mm or more, first open about 1mm deep, and then use a positioning drill to drill through a hole along the saw gap, which is more convenient for iron filings.

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