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Titanium-plated hexagonal shank extended thread cross triangle drill

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U-groove drill body: the surface of the drill body is rust-proofed, which makes drilling chips easier

Anti-slip triangle handle: the unique triangle design of the handle, clamping the electric drill and tightening without slipping

High-quality alloy cutter head: The drill bit is made of hard and durable alloy material, and the hardness is higher than that of ordinary drill bits.

Hard alloy cutter head is not easy to break: selected high-quality alloy materials, low cutting resistance, can act on glass, wood, steel plate, concrete and other materials, and save effort

Unique triangular blade angle grooving process: Integrating the characteristics of ceramic drill bits and electric hammer drill bits, adopting a special triangular blade angle design, grooving is done on the drill bit, which is more convenient for dust discharge and greatly improves the drilling efficiency

Double-thread U-shaped chip flute design: The U-shaped flute is smooth and flat without sticking to the tool, which is conducive to high-speed operation and fast chip removal. The surface of the drill body is centerlessly ground and anti-rust treatment, so that drilling chips are more smoothly removed

Anti-slip triangle shank design: The shank of the electric drill is cut into a triangle shape, which makes the grip of the electric drill more secure and does not slip

YG6 hard alloy (tungsten steel) material, sharp and wear-resistant, several times more durable than ordinary hole openers. Suitable for: drilling hard and brittle working surfaces such as glass, ceramics, ceramic tiles and brick walls.

Titanium technology: the surface is electroplated with an ionic film layer of titanium compound, which has high hardness, anti-friction, no peeling, no fading, and has certain anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion characteristics.

Hexagonal handle: suitable for use on electric wrenches, hand drills, and impact drills, easy to operate and not easy to slip

This product can be installed on electric drills and electric wrenches. It can be used on ceramics, ceramics, tiles, stone, glass, wood, plastic, brick walls, and cement walls. It is a multi-purpose drill for households.



Threaded triangle drill
Multi-function alloy triangle drill, multiple specifications are available
Suitable for glass/tile/wood/plastic/concrete and other materials
Special chip flute design, smooth chip evacuation

Easy hole punching
Carbide cutter head, fast drilling speed. The unique triangular blade angle design can easily locate the drilling hole, greatly improve the drilling efficiency and the drilling performance is more excellent

High-quality selection of tungsten steel alloy forging
Excellent performance, efficient and labor-saving drilling

Durable and hard to break
It has a wide range of uses, and can be used for drilling operations such as ground/brick wall/glass/concrete/marble


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