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Zinc Alloy Hands Free Door Operator Opener Hardware

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The wall hole opener is also called the brick wall hollow drill, which is welded with high-quality alloy. It is widely used for hole-opening operations in brick-concrete structures. (Applicable to the opening of various walls such as foam wall, red brick wall, concrete brick wall, etc.)

There is a guide drill with a special connecting rod, which is connected to different page handle structures for drilling holes. It is a new tool in the installation and decoration industry.

The connecting rod of the hollow electric hammer drill is selected according to the parallel structure on the previous page, and the length is determined according to the user's needs. It is a high-quality, high-quality product.

Special openings for walls (air conditioning holes, duct holes, switch holes, range hood holes)



Specifications Numberof teeth Working Total
Φ25 3 50 72
Φ35 4 50 72
Φ40 5 50 72
Φ45 5 50 72
Φ50 6 50 72
Φ55 6 50 72
Φ60 7 50 72
Φ65 8 50 72
Φ68 8 50 72
Φ70 8 50 72
Φ73 50 72
Φ75 9 50 72
Φ80 10 50 72
Φ82 50 72
85 11 50 72
Φ90 11 50 72
Φ95 11 50 72
Φ100 12 50 72
Φ105 12 50 72
Φ110 13 50 72
Φ115 13 50 72
Φ120 14 50 72
Φ125 14 50 72
Φ130 15 50 72
Φ150 16 50 72
Φ160 18 50 72


The screw is easy to loosen due to too much vibration when drilling with the electric hammer, which is a normal phenomenon. You can continue to use the center drill after positioning it.

The product is only suitable for use on electric hammers. The handle of the post handle should match the chuck of the electric hammer (round handle and five-pit handle). Please choose carefully, thank you! ! !
note! ! The wall hole opener is used on the electric hammer. Be optimistic about the clamp handle of your electric hammer. It is not a three-jaw electric drill or impact drill. Please distinguish the machine.

The electric hammer is only used to hit brick walls and cement walls, but not steel bars, tiles and stones.
If there are tiles on one side of the wall, you have to use a tile opener to make a hole in the tile first, and then use a wall opener to make a hole. It is recommended that the tile opener is one size larger than the wall opener!

Applicable machine

Flat brick processing equipment

Applicable  (2)


Square handle four pit electric hammer drill

(square handle not available)

Applicable  (1)


Electric hammer drill with round handle, two pits and two grooves

Model and purpose  For reference only

Diameter: 30mm 4 branch (general water and water heater pipes)
Diameter: 35mm 6 branch (general water and water heater pipes)
Diameter: 40mm 1-inch pipe
Diameter: 55-63mm 1p-2p air conditioning pipe and toilet pipe
Diameter:75mm 2p-5p Air conditioner cabinet pipe
Pipe hole of range hood (can contact customer service for purchase)


Installation procedure of hole opener



Install the center drill into the extension rod



Insert the center drill to the bottom



Put screws into the connecting rod.



Tighten the set screw with a wrench



Put the hole opener into the connecting rod



Tighten the hole opener and extension rod

Characteristics 01

Three cutting and sharp

135°The grinding angle is sharp, and the wall is easily perforated


Characteristics 02

The center position is not bad

Accurate positioning, strong grinding tolerance and sharper cutting


Characteristics 03

Double chip removal hole

Double chip-removing grooves inside and outside can prevent chips from blocking, open holes easily and remove chips smoothly


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